What does a Nevadan’s Luxury Vacation Condo in Costa Rica look like?

It’s been over a decade since Costa Rican luxury vacation condos have started trending. All across the United States and Canada, people are searching for the perfect Costa Rican vacation home. This trend has really taken off amongst Nevadan locals, most often for people in the Las Vegas area, and above all, they are purchasing luxury condos.

If you live in Nevada, chances are you know some people who own vacation condos in Costa Rica. So many people across the state are snatching up the opportunity of prime, beach front real estate in an emerging market. Now is absolutely the time to buy, while modern amenities are bountiful but the prices are still reduced. To understand why so many people are taking advantage of this opportunity, we’ll need to take a peek inside their condos.

Where are their condos?

Nevadans buy condos all over the country, but most popularly along the Pacific Coast. The Guanacaste province has been endlessly exciting for vacation home buyers, as has the southern Nicoya Peninsula. Both these regions offer pristine beaches, 5-star restaurants and night time entertainment, and an endless array of top-of-the-line luxury condos. On the Nicoya Peninsula, there are even more resort condo options, making a complete vacation easy to plan.

These condos are often located in popular beach towns. This not only guarantees the best access to modern amenities and entertainment, but also makes taking guided adventure excursions and tours much easier. Return vacationers take advantage of every aspect of Costa Rican culture, from wild rainforest hikes to extreme water sports, retiring to their luxury condos mid-afternoon to enjoy cocktails and pool time before night activities begin.

What do their vacation condos look like?

A luxury condo in Costa Rica includes every modern amenity you have at home, but has special adaptations to compliment the tropical environment. You will have big windows, balconies with plenty of outside space for a family table, and the view will be landscaped with palm trees and tropical flowers.

While small, simple condos can be found for as little as $50,000, it’s the luxury condos which are attracting the most attention. A great example of this is a recently posted penthouse. This penthouse has 4 bedrooms, 3 bathrooms, and a maid’s quarters, as well as 5 parking spots. With the best of views and the most luxurious of amenities, the entire sales price is a total of $560,000. This is an extraordinary deal, but many similar or even larger condos can be found in prime real estate area for under a million dollars. makes condos the perfect buy for both buyers on a budget as well as those looking for high-priced luxury resort properties.

What extra amenities and services do they get?

Each condo building comes with its own array of services and amenities, and it’s up to you to choose the perfect match for your lifestyle. Often, luxury condo owners enjoy golf courses, restaurants, casinos and spas. Communal pools make great activities for the whole family on-site, and an air-conditioned gym means you don’t have to give up on your workout routine for your vacation.

With so many luxury condos opening, you’ll find almost any amenity or service you desire. With so many choices and so much luxury for a great price, it’s no wonder Nevadan’s are seizing the moment.

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